Professional Writing & Editing

Magazine Articles

Metroparent Magazine – Milwaukee, WI

Behind the Scenes – December 2008
2008 Family Friendly Employer Awards – September 2008

Spanglish La Revista – Milwaukee, WI

The Charreada: A Mexican Tradition – August 2008
The Virgin of Zappopan: Bound for Mexican Fiesta! – August 2008
Wisconsin Summer Activities – June/July 2008
10 Ways You Can Get More Involved With Your Kids – April 2008
The Top 10 Reasons Why Milwaukee Loves Music – March 2008
What Dance Can Do for You: Therapeutic Self-Improvement – March 2008


Mujeres de Conciencia (Women of Conscience) – Floricanto Press
Matadores: Latino Bullfighters en el Ruedo de Toros – Floricanto Press
Esperanza: A Latina Story – Floricanto Press
A Practical and Simple to Chemical-Free Housekeeping
What Do You Want to Do, Break Your Mother’s Heart?
Consequences of Foolish Behavior
Take Charge of Your Thoughts: Create Your Ideal Life
What a Life!

For a complete list of editorial work, please send an email to kerri[dot]krueger[at]gmail[dot]com.

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