Work-in-Progress Wednesday: 9/15/2010

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons & blimpy.

Welcome back for another installment of the weekly theme I like to call “WIP Wednesday,” in which I report on the general progress of my own writing. I invite you to adopt this theme on your own blog or if you feel so inclined, share your own progress in the comments. Please bear with me over the next couple of weeks as I find an appropriate structure for these posts.

Today’s post will be a short one, as I’ve done much more reading than actual writing over the past week. Such is the life of a graduate student.

What I’m Doing:

  • A few weeks ago, I had to write a short story based on what I did the Saturday morning before. I had to revise that for last week. For class next Tuesday, I have to rewrite that story through the point of view of someone else (in the story). That person will be the bus driver (because he’s the only other person in the story besides myself). I haven’t given it much thought, yet, but I’m guessing the rewrite will be interesting.

Where I’m At:

  • Work on the novel has slowed a bit because of all the reading for classes and such. I have been working on a list of questions, so I can rewrite chapter seven and make the interrogation a bit stronger. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten, though. We’ll see the next few weeks go.