Work-in-Progress Wednesday: 9/8/2010

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons & blimpy.

Welcome back for another installment of the weekly theme I like to call “WIP Wednesday,” in which I report on the general progress of my own writing. I invite you to adopt this theme on your own blog or if you feel so inclined, share your own progress in the comments. Please bear with me over the next couple of weeks as I find an appropriate structure for these posts.

What I’m Doing (Overall):

  • I’ve started a short story of sorts for class. I have a complete story within the three pages I have written—something I’ve never done before. Up until this point all of my “short stories” were far too long and never had a real ending. As it stands, this story is written in first person. For class in two weeks, it needs to be rewritten through the point of view of another character in the story. That will be a bus driver (because he is the other character in my story).
  • It’s unclear whether or not I’ll use this story for my first workshop on October 12th. I would like to, but am unsure of how to change it so it’s not the same as it is now. I may write something entirely different. A friend also suggested rewriting it through the point of view of the killer in my novel, which I find intriguing. We’ll see. In any case, I’d like to use this piece in my novel somewhere.
  • My workshop dates for my Research & Short Story class are set. The first is October 12th; the second is November 9th. I’m very much looking forward to both of them.

Where I’m At (Novel-Wise):

  • Chapter seven is proving to be a bit harder to revise than I originally thought, but I’m slowly working through it. At this point, I’m about halfway through the first set of revisions for the chapter as a whole.
  • Writing an effective interrogation scene between my protagonist and a police detective is proving difficult as well. The interrogation itself seems to be structured okay, but the questions are too weak, I think. There needs to be more of them, too. At this point, I almost feel like I ended the chapter how I did just to be done with it. Writing should not be this way, and I’m going to remedy it soon, I hope.
  • I’ve begun outlining a few more future chapters. As is the case with many of my outlines, I’m sure they’ll change once I get to those chapters. Having the structure for now, though, is a comforting thing.

[How is your writing coming along? How are you keeping yourself on track? Share in the comments!]