Work-in-Progress Wednesday: 9/1/2010

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons & blimpy.

Welcome back for another installment of the weekly theme I like to call “WIP Wednesday,” in which I report on the general progress of my own writing. I invite you to adopt this theme on your own blog or if you feel so inclined, share your own progress in the comments. Please bear with me over the next couple of weeks as I find an appropriate structure for these posts.

What I’m Doing:

The fall semester began at MMC this week, so I’m back in classes at least once every week, twice every other week.

  • I’m taking a short story workshop and am looking forward to getting into it. Our first assignment is based on a freewrite we did in class last night. It will be developed into a short story, which will be the first one we all workshop. Mine is hockey-based, and as such, I am hoping to be able to use it as part of my larger novel. I think it would be an interesting addition to the story.
  • The other class I’m taking is a workshop in journalism and theory. It seems interesting enough and I’m actually hoping it will give me a bit of a journalistic edge that I can use in the novel somewhere as well. I haven’t thought about this too much yet, but I’m sure that will happen more as my semester moves on.

Where I’m At:

On the Novel:

  • I managed to get the first draft of chapter seven written. It took around four days to complete, mostly because I wasn’t sure how long I wanted to drag it out. This chapter involves my main character’s questioning at the police station, so there is a lot of dialogue. So much so, that I think I need to add more setting/description throughout. I may also revisit the ending. I’m wondering if I cut it off too soon. It’s always been hard for me to sit back and look at my own work with a critical eye, so we’ll see how revisions go on this.
  • Chapter eight is still being outlined. I’m not quite sure where I want to take it just yet. I may have to do some more research before I can move it along any further.
  • I’m still entertaining the idea of a title change. This should probably be the last thing on my mind at this point, but with the way the story is going, I’m just not sure “Forward Together” is a right fit for it. I’m awful at coming up with fitting/interesting titles, so this could be an interesting adventure as well.
  • The work as a whole thus far is nearing 15,000 words. I’ve never written anything long, nor have I stayed interested in something this long. It’s exciting!

Other News:

  • I received my second rejection letter/email from Hunger Mountain. It’s nice to finally learn that it isn’t the end of the world. It just means I have to revisit the work and improve it. I’m not sure if I’ll have time this semester, but I do plan to re-work these items.

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